Sunday, June 9, 2013

If you give a boy a dinosaur book

I just finished reading Donalyn Miller's post, "Let My People Read", on the Nerdy Book Club blog and while I do not have any children, I was certainly able to connect to her frustrations.

I was at our public library the other day browsing the picture book section when I couldn't help but notice a father and son.  Now, first of all, kudos to this father for bringing his son to the library.  It seemed as though they were frequent visitors and that is definitely something to be celebrated.  The boy, I'm guessing about five years old, wanted to find books about dinosaurs.  After finding a couple that the boy wanted to bring home with him, I heard the father respond with "Let's find something else.  Those are below your level."

At any point in the year, are we really that concerned about reading levels and Lexile levels (please don't make me say something about AR points....UGH!)?  Shouldn't we always, especially during the summer time, be more concerned with building a passion for reading and encouraging our students or children to continue to read because they want to read.  I wanted so badly to give this young man a couple dinosaur books to take home with him and hope that the next time this boy and his father are at the library, they decide to check out a couple dinosaur books (even if they are below this five year old's level) in addition to whatever else they bring home.

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