Thursday, August 7, 2014

Again and Again

We are now past the halfway point!  "Again and Again" is the fourth signpost from Notice and Note.  The video below, put together by Brent Peterson, will help you learn more about this signpost!

It's impossible for me to think about the signposts without thinking about books I've read in the past.  Likewise, now that I'm familiar with the signposts, they also seem to jump out at me as I'm reading new books as well.  The trailer below is from a book I read a few years ago.  The new format of a documentary novel, in my opinion, has Revolution'ized the historical fiction genre.  Enjoy the trailer below of Countdown by Deborah Wiles.

The trailer mentions that Franny's life is seemingly falling apart.  One of the relationships that is not mentioned in the trailer that seems to be falling apart is the relationship between Franny and her sister, Jo Ellen.  Deborah Wiles builds tension throughout the text because a mysterious envelope keeps showing up "Again and Again." The reader is unsure of what is in the envelope, but by it repeatedly showing up, the reader naturally wants to know what is inside of it.  The reader quickly realizes that whatever is inside may hold the secret to the wedge that is being driven between Franny and Jo Ellen.

Book two of Deborah Wiles's 1960's trilogy is currently sitting on my To Be Read (TBR) pile on my nightstand.  I'm looking forward to Sunny's story and seeing what signposts will be present!

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