Friday, August 8, 2014

Memory Moment

The "Memory Moment" signpost might be more familiar to students than some of the other signposts from Notice and Note because it is somewhat similar to a flashback within a story.  Check out Brent Peterson's video below for an overview!

Lynda Mullaly Hunt, author of One for the Murphy's, pauses Carley's story to take her back to a previous moment in her life; an opportunity for Carley to come to a realization but also an opportunity to reveal an important aspect of the plot to the reader.

After the character experiences this "Memory Moment," the reader must ask themselves why this memory is important.  Why did the author decide to include this within the plot and what does it reveal to the reader?

From a writer's standpoint, "Memory Moments" are great pieces of a text to lift into a Writer's Workshop minilesson; to analyze how and why the "Memory Moment" was included.

Continue reading and be on the lookout for signposts within your reading!

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