Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Words of the Wiser

The second signpost from Notice and Note is "Words of the Wiser."  Check out the video below for more information!  (credit to Brent Peterson for video creation)

As I was learning more about Words of the Wiser, I began thinking about Cynthia Lord's Rules (for the record, I just started her newest novel, Half a Chance last night).

(Credit to YouTube user jastrohp)

The Rules book trailer mentions that Catherine is torn when Jason, a young man with a disability, asks her to the school dance.  She wants to go but is concerned about what Kristi, her neighbor, will think about Jason.  Catherine turns to her mother to receive "Words of the Wiser" to determine what to do in this situation.  Not only does her mother provide solid life advice, this piece of writing also provides the reader with some insight as to the central ideas of the entire text that the author is trying to convey.  Identifying central themes within a text is often a challenging concept for students, but locating "Words of the Wiser" is frequently the intermediate support necessary to lead to student success with this!

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