Friday, April 17, 2015

The Power of Graphic Novels

Last night marked the second successful Twitter chat of Book Club Cobb (#BCCobb).  One of the factors in selecting a text for discussion among #BCCobb is that it is hopefully something that is new or unfamiliar to the majority of readers and then I am also hoping that we can cover a variety of genres or formats as we learn more about children's literature.  I would call our most recent selection a memoir graphic novel (with memoir falling under the narrative genre and graphic novel identifying more of the format of the text).

Cece Bell's El Deafo was the topic of conversation yesterday.  Enjoy a couple videos below to learn more about her work.

I was so happy that this format of text was the topic of our conversation after hearing that a couple teachers had never read a graphic novel previously.  This format is incredibly engaging for students and provides tremendous support for "reluctant" readers (I put that in quotes because I'm not sure I believe in reluctant readers, but I definitely believe in NOT wanting to read the wrong book!).  That being said, we still need to teach students how to read a graphic novel.  Think of the jargon that exists when reading a graphic novel that does not exist within other various formats!  (Specifically, see pages three and four here)

Fortunately, graphic novels are being more widely recognized for their literary contributions...El Deafo even won a Newbery Honor Award just a few months ago!

Below, find a handful of graphic novels that are sure to be a hit with readers!

Think about bringing some of these (or others) graphic novels into your classroom today!  They're sure to find their way to the hands and hearts of your readers!!

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