Monday, May 4, 2015

Reading Graffiti

I was first introduced to Donalyn Miller's "Reading Graffiti" strategy to engage readers in The Book Whisperer but just recently finished Reading in the Wild, where it was mentioned once again.  As many of us have often witnessed, frequently our students are more comfortable providing an entire retelling of the book they are reading than they are sharing a summary.  This "Reading Graffiti" strategy encourages students to lift a quote from their book that encapsulates an idea that portrays the foundation of the story.  Not only will this benefit current readers, but this will most likely also become a place in the room where readers venture in order to be led to their next great book.

As with anything I expect of my readers and writers, I would want to try this first so that I can learn more about the strategy and so that I have a model to provide to them.  After reviewing my Reader's Notebook, I pulled a few quotes from some of my more memorable recent reads.  Check out the Padlet below and feel free to add graffiti of your own!

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