Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sharing My Reading Life

I have been reminded of the importance of living a literate life and sharing that life with our students multiple times in the past month.  While this has been something I feel as though I have modeled the majority of my career in education, different roles in my career have changed how I go about this and how I work to grow others to also be the lead literacy learners that our students deserve to have in their lives.

(The two largest reminders in the past month have come from Lucy Calkins and one of her eight essentials to reading instruction ("Learners need teachers who demonstrate what it means to live richly literate lives, wearing a love of reading on our sleeves.") while the other came from Donalyn Miller's blog post, Getting on the Bus.)

On this final day of the first month of 2016, I'd like to share the commitment I have made to reading this year and the progress I am making towards that goal.  My goal this year is to read 100 books and with 25 under my belt in the first month I am 1/4 of my way to my goal while only being 1/12 through the calendar year (see, I dabble in math a little bit as well!).

Check out the graphic below to see the books I have completed in January 2016.

Feel free to check out my Goodreads page to learn more about how I rated the books I have read thus far.  Now, back to my current book!