Wednesday, April 26, 2017

EdCamp Kennesaw Mountaintop

If you are not familiar EdCamps, a recent trend in Professional Learning, check out the video below....and then check out our change in scenery for our most recent EdCamp! 

A few months ago, Kelsey Born (@kelsborn) posted a picture on her Facebook page about the lesson planning she was diving into at the top of Kennesaw Mountain.  Danielle Lanigan (@Dani_Lanigan) and I found our way into a conversation with Kelsey and before we knew it...the idea for EdCamp Kennesaw Mountaintop was developed!

We figured Earth Day was the perfect day to gather educators for a hike, all while collaborating on a variety of ideas.  Check out our photos below and keep October 7th, 2017 open...we think that might be our next EdCamp Kennesaw Mountaintop!